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Mercedes Turbonator Super Charger

Mercedes  Turbonator Super Charger
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Mercedes Turbonator Super Charger



NEW! Surge SuperCharger Intake Performance

Introducing the Surge Intake SuperCharger, it revolutionized the Japanese tuner performance market and is now for the first time available to the US market in limited supply. This product will allow you to burn fuel more efficiently resulting in better MPG. This SuperCharger will increase air flow and provide additional horse power and torque by 5-7% to the wheels.

  • Save Up To 28% On Fuel!
  • Increase Horsepower Up To 7% more hp!
  • Easy to install - Takes Less Than 5 Minutes!
  • Fits Virtually All Makes And Models Of Cars And Trucks!
  • Works On Carbureted And Fuel Injected Engines!
  • For Gasoline And Diesel Engines!

Made entirely of aircraft grade aluminum-titanium alloy, the Surge SuperCharger is machined to perfection! The blades spin freely and smoothly its shaft being supported by a space grade zero friction ball bearing.

The Surge SuperCharger has a 2.5 inch diameter for easy mounting. The product installs inside the intake hose going to the throttle body from air filter. A clamp is included to secure the Surge SuperCharger inside the intake hose. It also includes a rubber coupler that will create a vacuum seal inside the intake chamber. If your hose has a diameter greater then 2.5� you must custom fit it therefore please ask your qualified mechanic to install it.

This is a universal and will fit any vehicle, SUV, pickup etc�.

Vehicle Type Test RPM Base HP SuperCharger
HP Change
Accent 1994 4500 92 HP 101 HP Up To 9 HP More Power
Acura Integra 1993 5000 140 HP 151 HP Up To 11 HP More Power
Audi A4 1998 6000 190 HP 199 HP Up To 9 HP More Power
BMW 3 Series 1996 5900 190 HP 202 HP Up To 12 HP More Power
Chevy Cavalier 1994 4000 150 HP 160 HP Up To 10 HP More Power
Dodge Neon 2000 4300 132 HP 141 HP Up To 9 HP More Power
Honda Civic 1999 4500 127 HP 137 HP Up To 10 HP More Power
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2002 5200 205 HP 215 HP Up To 10 HP More Power
Nissan Maxima 1996 4200 190 HP 201 HP Up To 11 HP More Power
Toyota Camry 1994 4900 125 HP 122 HP Up To 7 HP More Power
VW Jetta 2000 4900 125 HP 122 HP Up To 7 HP More Power



1. Remove air inlet hose located between air purifier.� 2. Install�the SuperCharger�inside the air inlet hose. 3.�If�the SuperCharger unit is smaller than your cars air inlet hose, use the�plastic ring attached to increase its diameter so it can fit in the tubing.

Easy to install. Please make sure your intake diameter is no bigger than 3 inches, if so you will need to clamp it down with a $1 clamp from the parts store.

5-10 HP