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Mercedes Fuel Saver 2000

Mercedes  Fuel Saver 2000
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Mercedes Fuel Saver 2000


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Not a Gimmick! Not seen on TV! Real Science! How much $$$ Would you like to save this summer?

Infrared rays emitting 1690+ CPM, which externally mounts on a supply fuel line of an engine to provide a means for improving combustion of liquid fuel, petrol or diesel. Emissivity: 0.917 (4-12 micrometre FIR) * 3rd generation.

The far-infrared radiation overcomes the dipole-dipole bonding between hydrocarbon molecules and can break up the fuel into small particles for efficient combustion as the fuel flows through and is exposed to the far infrared emission.

Consequently, the device can improve combustion efficiency of the engine and increase its power. It also saves fuel and reduces harmful emissions.

INFRA-RED ABSORPTION SPECTROSCOPY Theoretical Principles Sheffield Hallam University UK

Infrared spectroscopy wikipedia - online encyclopedia


Reduce Pollution (up to 65 %)
FIR Fuel Saver helps reduce 30 - 70% emissions such as unburned HC, CO, NOx. 20% improvement in fuel economy will prevent 10 metric tons of carbon dioxides from being released into the atmosphere over the lifetime of an average vehicle.

Save Money (8 - 25%)
A 10% fuel economy improvement means a $200 saving for an average driver spending $2000 a year in fuels, or $1,200 saving for a commercial vehicle owner with $12,000 annual fuel consumption.

Save Additional with Lowered ONR ( 5 - 8 %)
The use of FIR Fuel Saver eliminates the rapid build-up of hydroperoxide radicals and prevents detonation. ONR- Octane Number Requirement. Nonetheless, always "listen" to your engine or check with your mechanic if your vehicle has problem with lower grade petrol.
Improve Engine Performance
FIR Fuel Saver enables the fuels to combust instantaneously and completely. Higher fuel efficiency means more power output, better acceleration, extended engine life, and reduced maintenance costs over the life of the vehicle.
Reduce Maintenance Cost
Complete combustion also means less carbon deposit (soot) build-up in the engine. This reduces engine wear and maintenance, and increases the life of oil, fuel injectors, and spark plugs. Less unburned HC or CO emissions out of the engine can prolong the life of catalyst converter.

Far-Infrared Radiation Approach
When radiated, the electrons trapped in the interacting field between HC molecules are activated. The photon is resonantly absorbed to raise the electron to an excited state, having enough kinetic energy to overcome the electrical potential set by intermolecular van der Waals force. The electron eventually escapes from the field. The bonding between HC molecules is broken and fuel clusters become finer with increased combustibility.
After breaking away from other HC companions, the electron of the freed molecule, which is still in an excited state, returns to its equilibrium state by releasing a photon with the same characteristics as that having been absorbed. Meanwhile, other forced-apart molecules may re-establish intermolecular bond, again due to van der Waals force. The newly released photons will now cause the electrons in re-formed HC clusters to initiate another separation process. It is recurrent, until photons are completely dissipated as heat within, or escape from the system, that usually takes about a few minutes to hours.
However, it generally takes only seconds before the activated fuel enters into combustion chambers. It's expected that the fuel activation effect caused by far infrared radiation will persist throughout the fuel delivery to the piston cylinders.
"Although gasoline engines have improved a lot, they are still not very efficient at turning chemical energy into mechanical power. Most of the energy in the gasoline (perhaps 70%) is converted into heat, and it is the job of the cooling system to take care of that heat. " ( )

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know if it's MUCH MORE effective than cheap magnetic fuel savers?
(1) If you have other manufacturer's fuel saver installed in your car, it's so easy to prove it. Just replace your current one with ONE unit fuel saver 2000 and see if your car runs even more smoothly and saves more $$ (no matter if you have previously installed 3 or 5 so-called magnetic fuel saving stuff) .

(2) Buy and try it. You can either save more $$ or miss the chance by buying a less effective fuel saver.

(3) ANY skepticism is welcome.

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"MIRACLE MAGNETS There are dozens of fuel-line magnets on the market. We tested two. They all make similar claims: substantial improvements in fuel economy, reduced emissions and increased horsepower.

According to the people selling these devices, as gasoline flows past the magnet, the magnetic field will "break apart clusters of fuel molecules so gas burns more efficiently." Problem: Gasoline molecules aren't magnetic, not at all. But wait, there's more. If the fuel line is steel, as many are, the lines of magnetic flux will follow the fuel-line walls instead of passing through the fuel.

THE DYNO SAYS: As we suspected, neither device had any significant effect on performance or economy." (Popular Mechanic September 2005)

Magnets Demagnetization !!!!!

If you heat Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets beyond 80 degrees Celsius, the magnets will quickly loose their magnetic properties. Sustaining these temperatures for a length of time or heating the magnet significantly higher than this will permanently demagnetize it. The TRUTH is you can buy any size of better grade of NIB magnets for 10-12% of what you pay from PROFESSIONAL magnet seller on TV.

What octane will it work on?
All octane levels. Higher octane performance can be achieved on lower octane fuel. Startec FIR fuel saver will increase mileage with all octane levels.
Will it work on fuels other than petrol?
Yes, it will work on Petrol, Diesel, Natural Gas and Liquid Propane Gas (LPG).
How to install Startec FIR Fuel Saver?
First you must make sure you are placing Startec FIR Fuel Saver on the correct line "the one under pressure from the fuel pump". Note that fuel injection engines have two lines running in parallel between the fuel tank and the engine, a supply line and a return line, so make sure to install the FIRST unit on the supply line.
What kind of fuel line can Fuel Saver be installed on?
Rubber or plastic fuel lines are both suitable. DO NOT install on a metal fuel line. It is most important for Fuel Saver to be as close as possible to your Fuel Injection System (Fuel Rail) or Carburetor.
Where do I install the Fuel Saver 2000

More installation pictures click here 1

More Installation pictures click here 2


Will FUEL SAVER void my new car warranty?
No. Since Fuel Saver is a retro-fit device, it will not void your vehicles warranty.
Why takes 300-1000KM to see the fuel savings on some high mileage vehicle?
This allows the FUEL SAVER to do it's job of removing the Carbon & Varnish deposits. Remember it took thousands of miles to build up these deposits in your engine.
How much improvement can I expect?
This depends on the size and type of the engine, mode of driving whether city or highway, and weather conditions. (1) Fuel savings of up to 25% have been reported. (2) Increased torque and lower operating temperature of the vehicle will be noticed. (3) Engine idle speed RPM will be higher by 50-100 RPM, which means same level of fuel supply can generate more power.

Due to the vast vanity of engines, we can only generalize and rely on the reports from our users world wide that are reporting up to 25% improvement, but the best test is to try it yourself. You have 90 Days to be satisfied, otherwise, return it and ask for your money back.

How does the FUEL SAVER clean the engine?
Your engine builds up carbon / varnish deposits because of incomplete combustion. Molecules that are non homogeneous are found in both Petrol and Diesel Fuel. As these molecules begin to cluster and grow, some molecules become trapped during combustion, air is unable to reach the trapped molecules and they do not burn completely. Instead they are expelled into the atmosphere or retained as carbon/varnish deposits inside your engine. The FUEL SAVER literally breaks the cluster of molecules apart, which otherwise could not penetrate a cluster, more Oxygen is now able to reach the individual molecule and complete combustion takes place.
How long will the product last?
5+ years.

Why didn't I hear any fuel saving products before?

There are many other applications of Far InfraRed in health products (pain relief, FIR sauna, skin repair, better growing for the plants, water filter etc..) which you could find them on the web easily nowadays. Currently FIR fuel savers are only popular in Taiwan & Japan and getting popular in Singapore, Thailand and US. It will take years to make these products more popular and appreciated by car users in the rest of the world.

Please check the photos in the bottom of the listings. You can easily see the difference of FIR radiation levels between FIR fuel savers made by different manufacturers and our one. The detector is a pocket size radiation detector which costs USD$550. Inspector Alert (Handheld Surface Contamination Meter) To prove the radiation is truly Far InfraRed (4-12 micrometre) wave length rather than others, the manufacturer has provided the report done by Industrial Technology Research Institute ( ).

DYNO TEST RESULTS (Fuel supply line fuel saver)



Please look at the images in this page, above. Installs on fuel lines.