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Mercedes 5 Watt Luxeon LED Police Flashlight

Mercedes  5 Watt Luxeon LED Police Flashlight
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Mercedes 5 Watt Luxeon LED Police Flashlight


Best Quality and newly designed Xtreme Police / SWAT / Military Flashlight with 5W Luxeon Star LED from Silicon Valley (San Jose, California, USA). It uses cheap C size cells (can use rechargable to save even more money). Most other 5W flashlights are using only the expensive CR123 Lithium batteries. As you may know, the CR123 is a point and shoot camera battery. Each battery sells for around $6. People would not use an expensive battery flashlight as freely as this one with cheap and widely available batteries. Most people would not use the Lithium battery Luxeon flashlight for an extend period of time fear of the battery cost and battery availability in remote area. Advantages of LED flashlight: LED bulbs are extremely durable because unlike typical bulbs, there's no filament to break. They're extremely long lived, too, lasting as long as 100,000 hours. LEDs are encapsulate in a clear plastic. They resist breakage, vibration and water damage. LEDs requires less electrical current and about 10 time more energy efficient. Even the 5W requires a lot of power because of its superior brightness, it has longer battery life than traditional flashlight like the Maglite of the same size while it is 5-10 times brighter. The reason is simple, typical bulbs convert only 7% of electrical energy into light, the rest into heat. Luxeon LED converts up to 80% with the help of a power converter. Luxeon LED lights can be seen from a great distance - up to five (5) miles in some cases. Luxeon has a focued beam so it is best of LED. Normally the number of LEDs in an array determines the brightness as measured in candelas (CP). Do they last forever? Well, 100,000 hours is the standard lifetime quoted by almost every manufacturer of LEDs, LED flashlights, LED automotive lights and emergency warning lights. LEDs are now found in Christmas tree lights, and in many industrial uses.

Elegant in design, this is the brightest portable flashlight in the world. It is up to 5 to 10 times brighter than most flashlights of the same size. It is great for self-deference as a baton. It comes with a handsome black nylon carrying case. You can attach it to your belt. It is a great gift for your friends who work in the police, security, and military. It is also a great camping flashlight. Light: 5W Luxeon (120 Lumens, 120 LEDs or about 5 large 3D cells police Mag-lite equivalent in brightness) from LumiLEDs Lighting in San Jose