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Mercedes LCD Alarm - Remote Start - Owner Detection

Mercedes  LCD Alarm - Remote Start - Owner Detection
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Mercedes LCD Alarm - Remote Start - Owner Detection


  • Alarm activation remote beeps/vibrates/flashes'
  • Alarm Remote Control will Beep/ Flash and Vibrate if'the alarm is activated
  • Advanced ASK Technology
  • Intelligent car owner detection feature
  • If you approach the'car the alarm will recognize your remote and disarm the alarm for you without pressing any buttons'
  • Dual Stage Shock Sensor and FREE Microwave Sensor
  • Competitor charges additional $30 for these two features
  • Shock Sensor will warn on light shock and trigger on attempted break in.'
  • Microwave sensor will sound alarm if anyone approaches to close to the'car or reaches inside an open window.'
  • Remote Sensor Bypass
  • Disarm or arm your sensors from the remote
  • Remote arming/disarming
  • Arm or disarm through the remote or through the intelligent car owner detection feature
  • Remote engine Starting
  • Remote engine cut off
  • Remote trunk release
  • Anti'HiJack Feature
  • Code Learning Remotes'
  • Installation Manual provided
  • We recommend professional installation
  • Driver Paging Feature
  • When the alarm is armed you can page the driver by tapping lightly 3 times on the communication module located in the front windshield.' The drivers remote will play a melody and the CALL button will light up on remote.' No more waiting for your spouse.

Professional installation required. Wiring of features depends on installation and installer.

Owner Detection