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Mercedes Universal Bully Dog Watchdog Mileage Monitor - White - 40400

Mercedes  Universal Bully Dog Watchdog Mileage Monitor - White - 40400
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Mercedes Universal Bully Dog Watchdog Mileage Monitor - White - 40400

Bully Dog

Fits: Universal All passenger vehicles '96 and newer

The WatchDog works on all 1996 and later vehicles with an OBDII port. The product comes equipped with a Set Up Wizard that calibrates the product to your vehicle in order to provide maximum efficiency and calculate wasted energy. The WatchDog serves as a digital gauge/monitor and features a valuable Driving Coach for gas and diesel powered vehicles. It features the ability to monitor over 20 vehicle parameters all while you receive valuable driving suggestions from the Driving Coach to maximize fuel economy.

Vehicle Applications:
  • All '96 and newer vehicles with OBDII port

    Driving Coach:
    It is proven that drivers who change their driving habits to maximize fuel economy can see improvements up to 37% per gallon of fuel. Recognizing this fact, Bully Dog designed the first software of its kind into the Watchdog, thus being first to market again!

    The information is gathered from the sensors that each vehicle is equipped with from the factory. Information is gathered during operation in real time, the software then process the information. As the information is processed, it is then used to serve as a Driving Coach guiding the vehicle's driver to the most efficient, economical driving techniques in order to maximize fuel economy.

    The Watchdog becomes a very valuable tool as a Driving Coach. A priority in today's market place is saving fuel, getting every last tenth of a mile out of the fuel in the tank. The Watchdog features software that tracks the driver's habits behind the wheel. As these habits show themselves, the software calculates the best remedy and then notifies the driver. As a Driving Coach the Watchdog will recommend and suggest different driving methods to the user in real time as conditions and habits become apparent.

    For instance, If the driver of the vehicle is repeatedly waiting until the last minute before applying the brakes before coming to a stop, the software will recognize this and then advise the driver how they can improve their braking method and their fuel mileage.

    Digital Gauge / Monitor:
    The WatchDog Gauge offers a comprehensive digital gauge package including all standard PID or vehicle parameters included in vehicles '96 and newer. The gauge will display a combination of any four parameters with over 20 different ones to choose from depending on your vehicle. These gauges are all displayed at the same time on an easy to read digital display. The following is a list of parameters that the WatchDog is able to read from your vehicle. These parameters rely on sensors that your vehicle was equipped with from the factory, not all vehicles have all of these options available.

    Vehicle Monitoring Functions
  • Instant Fuel Economy
  • Average Fuel Economy
  • Wasted Energy (accel and decel)
  • OEM EGT 1
  • OEM EGT 2
  • Boost Pressure (PSI)
  • Speed in MPH or KPH
  • RPM (engine speed)
  • Coolant Temp
  • Timing Position in Degrees
  • Throttle Position in percent

  • Air Intake Temperature
  • Mass Air Flow (grams/sec)
  • Barometer
  • Battery Voltage
  • Load

  • 1 Unit Replaces Multiple Gauges
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Setup Wizard for your vehicle
  • Read and Erase DTCs
  • Internet Updateable - SD Card to Update Agent
  • Transferable to Any Applicable Vehicle Application
  • Product Interface/Navigation - Easy-to-use Capacitive Touch Buttons
  • Full 64 color LCD Screen
  • Back Light Adjustable - Daytime and Nighttime Driving Modes
  • Simple and Easy Installation Performance Tests Available:
  • Horsepower
  • Torque
  • 0-60 Times in Seconds
  • 1/8 mile Times in Seconds
  • 1/4 mile Times in Seconds

  • Installation:
    Professional Installation is Recommended.

    Universal Bully Dog Watchdog Mileage Monitor - White - 40400 Fits:
  • Universal All passenger vehicles '96 and newer

  • Highlight:
    Fits: Universal All passenger vehicles '96 and newer